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Heya, quick question.
I was just thinking about putting together a Dean fanmix compiled of Metallica songs. But I have the distinct feeling that someones already done this before.

If anyone knows if it's been done, & if so where I can find it I'd be eternally grateful!

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Tasted Blood and Was Gone- a Bloody Mary fanmix

I put together a soundtrack for 1x05 "Bloody Mary" as part of my contribution to super_summer this week. I originally started out wanting to focus on the whole episode overall but found that to be somewhat daunting and the mix turned into something Sam-focused anyway. It (I hope) portrays his guilt over Jessica's death and the course of the episode with that focus in mind.

Tasted Blood and Was Gone- a Bloody Mary fanmix
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Echo and the Bunnymen " The Killing Moon" or Free "All Right Now?"

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Can't decide which is better....hmmm...oh yea I'm re-doing my Supernatural Season 1 mix..

Revised tracklist

1. Foreigner "Hot Blooded"
2. Rush "Fly By Night"
3. Rush "Working Man"
4. Fall Out Boy "(Sugar) We're Going Down"
5. Iron Butterfly "In a Gadda Da Vida"
6. Filter "Hey Man, Nice Shot"
7. Free "All Right Now"
8. Boston "Peace of Mind"
9. Bad Company "Bad Company"
10. Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear the Reaper"
11. Vue "Pictures of Me"
12. Blue Oyster Cult "Fire of Unknown Origin"
13. Blue Oyster Cult "Burnin' For You"
14. UFO "Rock Bottom"
15. Kansas "Carry On My Wayward Son"
16. Triumph "Fight the Good Fight"
17. Echo and the Bunnymen "The Killing Moon"

Actually now that I'm thinking about it...can't decide between the two in my subject line AND Foreigner "Hot Blooded"

Hmm....decisions....decisions..anyone want to give input?
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my biggest geek post ever :P

SPN music analysis episode-breakdown... something-or-other. (what do i even call this insanity? -_-) aka Xiola's crazy theory about Eric Kripke, Blue Oyster Cult, and the "You Can Never Read Too Much Into the Lyrics On this Show" rule. ;P

When I started downloading this show, one of the things that got instant bonus points was Dean's cheesy/awesome taste in music. To me, it just adds another level of awesome to an already addictive show. The fact that Eric Kripke had insisted that there would be no "anemic new-rock" made me happy, but I didn't think anything else about it… until episode 5. In that ending scene it really dawned on me that there was defenitely something MORE meant to be implied with the lyrics, and the more I watched, the more it became increasingly apparent that there is so much music geeking and lyric innuendo going on. I kept thinking I should post about it, but never got around to it, until it practically exploded in my face in episode 17. So. here it is, and hopefully someone finds this interesting, coz god knows most people won't care and the damn thing took me over a week to finish! I can't believe what a geek I am sometimes. *sighs*

[this is pretty much a beta version and I'll totally be editing it, and definitely adding to it after new episodes! if there's something I missed feel free to comment :D]

please read: please do not copy any large part of the written content in this post (ie the stuff other than the lyrics) without letting me know, please? not that i know why anyone would even want to, but it took a ton of geek-love/time so i don't want to see it end up copied in full without credit on some random webpage next month, ok? :P
DOWNLOAD in case anyone needs it: [ zip file of all music discussed in this post ]
(currently: all songs up to 01x18, 90MB) (currently uploading to YSI as well... let me know when the link is broken and i'll try to reupload for you :) will update the dl with 01x19 songs this weekend)

The following is an episode breakdown of the music in each episode (songs played, which lyrics are played, editing, and why (i think) they're important/not-important/omgawesome) in which I attempt to demonstrate the following:

A) None of the lyrics in the ending songs are EVER accidental. after episode 5, most of the opening songs start throwing around hints and foreshadowing and random significances.
B) all ending song lyrics say something about the characters, i.e. almost always Dean and Sam, provided they're in the scene (if only the villain is on screen at the end or something, then it's probably not about Dean/Sam ;P).
C) starting in episode 6, they start with the geeky music clues and villain-hints in the music. Sometimes the hints are pretty obvious and sometimes they are a very vague or obscured foreshadow that only becomes apparent in retrospect and seems like it's done more for the writer's geekiness than to actually tip you off.
D) because everything else is so obviously on purpose, it's perfectly fair to assume that any innuendo in the lyrics is ALWYAYS INTENTIONAL (note: ok, to cover my ass: by innuendo i don't neccessarily mean to say "omg GAY" :P not that i mind that picture of course, but realistically i mean more along the lines of... "they express some emotion that goes beyond the direct dialogue" and "whether or not the producers are screwing with us, they give us the lyrics on purpose".
E) I am currently 75% CONVINCED that Eric Kripke based 90% of the Winchester backstory on Blue Oyster Cult Lyrics. totally convinced of it! It's not just a coincidence that the songs in Hell House describe the entire Winchester family.
F) When applicable, the ending music is a guide to Dean's "significant glances". Dean emotes more through looking angsty than through direct dialogue, the music CAN essentially be used as the key to "what exactly did Dean's significant look mean this time?".
Collapse )

(**/**** = the most important ones, music-wise. i.e. the music in this episode is hella significant. ;P)

SPN01x01 Pilot Collapse )

SPN01x02 Wendigo Collapse )

SPN01x03 Dead in the Water Collapse )

(SPN01x04 Phantom Traveler) Collapse )

****SPN01x05 Bloody Mary Collapse )

**SPN01x06 Skin Collapse )

***SPN01x07 Hook Man Collapse )

SPN01x08 Bugs Collapse )

SPN01x09 Home Collapse )

SPN01x10 Asylum Collapse )

SPN01x11 Scarecrow Collapse )

SPN01x12 Faith Collapse )

SPN01x13 Route 666 Collapse )

SPN01x14 Nightmare - no songs, comments later…

SPN01x15 The Benders - no songs, comment later…

SPN01x16 Shadow - no songs, comment later…

****SPN01x17 Hell House Collapse )

****SPN01x18 Something Wicked Collapse )

wow that took me over a week to even remotely finish. -_-;;

thanks to: google, wikipedia, and megselv for being my IM geek-buddy about all this. XD! (err, oh yeah, and SPN. but it gets a bunch of spite from me too right now, for having so eagerly wasted such a large amount of my time! >D)

*updated april 14/06 8:20pm*
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What bands would you want to hear on the show?

Just out of curiosity...I think I'd want to hear more classic rock/metal such as

-Cheap Trick
-more Rush
-more Boston
-more Def Leppard
-Guns N' Roses
-70s era Aerosmith
-Paint it Black by Rolling Stones
-The Replacements

there may be more...have to look in my mp3s on my PC at home

oh and incorporate some modern rock (a la Filter's "Hey Man, Nice Shot" in Skin)

-Soul Asylum
-The Black Crowes
-Gin Blossoms
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